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Liquor Lock

Keep “unwanted customers” from running your bar dry. Just enter a three-pin combination, then turn the top clockwise until the lock expands and is tight. Re-enter the combination and turn counter-clockwise to release. Keep the kids and help from helping themselves.

USB Cap Lock

Flash drivesare very useful devices. They are great for storing music, files, and documents. At times, the data you put onto your flash drive can be sensitive or just plain embarrassing. Do you often have ultra-confidential information with you, stored on a USB memory drive? Then Thanko is here for you…
Thanko has a new USB Lock flash drive cap that can turn any flash drive or USB device into a highly secure flash drive. The Thanko cap has a three-digit lock very similar to a bike chain lock that you can set yourself. You can also use the cap on any other USB plug to prevent people from using your stuff without permission.

Word Password Combination Lock

These Wordlocks are the first combination locks that allow you to set your combination using words rather than numbers.
If you can’t remember a number sequence, these are for you. With a variety of products from padlocks (great for lockers, toolboxes, etc.), bike locks and TSA recognized luggage locks, you’ll never need to remember a number combination again.

Refrigerator Lock up Keep out Freeloaders

That one friend who always checks out what you have to eat or drink as soon as they show up can be pretty damn annoying. This fake Refrigerator Lock Up should look real enough to keep them out while you have easy access (the two shackles are actually magnets).

Impossible Lock Puzzle and Security in one Brass Package

This Impossible Lock comes with both a key and a little implement with which you’re supposed to work out a very difficult puzzle. Put this doozy on the chocolate stash in the cupboard and you’ll probably lose weight faster than you can say hacksaw blade.

Offensive Bicycle Lock

This bike lock deters the opportunist thief by making the abuser’s experience as unpleasant as possible without having a detrimental effect on the user.
Maybe you can not protect your bike, but we should be more offensive to thieves. This lock is a good idea. When cut, colored liquid inside the entire length of the lock explodes forth unto the thief!
SmartLock is a cable lock that has cores of compressed air and liquid running through its body. If cut, the liquids spray out over the perpetrator, his tools, the bike and the scene of the crime. A bike that has been stolen will be covered in coloured dye (the dye renders the bike undesirable and therefore unsellable) as well as transluscent Smartwater – an invisible forensic property marking liquid.
Maybe they will be scared, but there is another possibility, that is they will crush your bike rather than steal it.

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