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The electricity consumption rate on our planet has been a big concern in recent years. In many countries there has been an increasing demand while the supply falls short. Due to some recent innovations, many have speculated a slight fall in the electricity consumption rates in coming years, thanks to some greener technology. Many are aware of these problems and are now researching and developing ways to reduce the electricity consumption, while others are working on much eco-friendly methods to generate electricity.
Recent developments have proven that water can be used to power many devices and to generate a decent amount of charge that will help you power your home appliances. So, here is a list of 16 various water powered devices that can help you go green and stay clean.

Water Powered Calculator

Although, calculators are nearing extinction some people still seem to like them. So here comes a calculator which runs on water (or any electrolytic liquid). Unlike most of the other calculators this has a really great design. By filling water in, the fuel cells will run for about a month and once it is out you can just refill with water and it is up and running again. This water powered calculator is priced at $20 and a great option if you want to stop using batteries.

Bedol Eco-Friendly Clock
Apparently this is the greenest and the meanest clock available in the market. Add plain water and some lemon juice and the clock is up and running for 8-12 weeks. The device has an in-built memory chip which remembers the time, in case the water runs out and the clock is dead. The Bedol Eco-Friendly Clock is completely pollution free, never asks for any electricity, and priced at a mere $16.00, it’s absolutely a great deal!

Another Water Powered Calculator

Green Geeks, you have another option for a water powered calculator! This one has a minimal design and runs on three refillable water powered batteries. A chemical reaction takes places which generates some power to support the calculator. Once, filled it stays with you for 2-3 months, the calculator is available for purchase at just $11, which is a brilliant deal.

Water Powered Cellphone Batteries

Korean, mobile phone manufacturer Samsung, had announced earlier that they are working on a cell phone battery which would be running on water. Fuel cells will hold the water and a reaction between water and the metal interior will create Hydrogen, it will generate energy when it later reacts with Oxygen. It looks like it will generate enough energy to support your phone for 10 hours, however, the hydrogen cells would have to be replaced once or twice a week. More details on the water powered cell phone battery are expected to come out this year.

Water-Powered Mini Lantern and Flashlight

This product uses a refillable water battery and it is supposed to last for ten years without losing charge. This seems to be a great eco-friendly camping device and is available $39.99 without shipping.

JetLev Water Powered Jetpack

If you are interested in flying (not in an airplane), then the JetLev Flyer is just the right thing for you. This is a much safer and an environment friendly way than the personal jetpack. It seems that you can learn to take off, fly, turn and hover in under 6 minutes. It seems to be great fun over water and if given a choice, I will go for this one.

Irish Water-Powered Street Lamps

Although this technique has been used for a long time on a much larger scale, the Donegal County Council in Ireland has come up with a solution to reduce the electricity used by street lights. The fact is, almost every city that has street lights contributes largely to the electricity consumption and a solution like this one can be a really great. The county plans to use water power to generate renewable energy for the street lights. It would be based on a water turbine and is expected to generate 110 watts of clean electricity which will run a 3-watt LED light. However, the cost for this is €3000 ($3921.90) each, this is really high but further research and development might bring in some effective changes.

These Boots are meant for Charging

Japanese telecommunications giant, NTT had earlier unveiled a shoe which generates electricity as you walk. The crazy shoe has a tiny turbine and with the help of some water it generates 1.2 watts of electricity. It does not really look that impressive and it is still just a prototype.

  Nano-Tech Water Drop Puzzle

To all those puzzle loving green heads, here’s something which may totally interest you. Simply add water into the panel and thanks to its interesting nano technology panel, the water becomes an “aqua drop.” It has four different difficulty levels and you have to move the drops in the right position. The puzzle is good to exercise your brain and it also helps you improve your IQ and EQ levels. The Nano-Tech Water Drop Puzzle is available as $22.00 and is a really great device to collect

Mini Hydro Turbine

Simply hook this up with any available faucet and once the water starts flowing through the in-built turbine it will generate enough electricity to power something like an electric shaver or even a hair dryer, if not available it is at least a good theory. It looks like the device will generate electricity depending on the pressure that pushes and sprays the water, a battery will store the extra energy while water will drop from the tap at a reduced speed.

  The HydroPak

This is brilliant water-powered charging device derived from Horizon’s Fuel Cell technology and Millennium Cell’s hydrogen generating technology. It can charge your laptop and other gadgets and is available in two variations, a 600-milliliter version which generates 270 watt-hours of power, it has 2 USB ports, costs $400 for the fuel-cell unit and $20 for each hydrogen cartridge. While the other version is a 20-milliliter device which generates 15 watt-hours of power and costs $50 for a fuel-cell and cartridge.


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