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It is never been easy to type while walking but technology is allowing us to do more then a lot.
AppScout reports that Type While Walking allows you to compose SMS messages, e-mails, and other documents while on the move, and the app uses your iPhone’s camera to create a live background on your iPhone’s screen so you see what’s in front of you while you type.

The app makes your iPhone work like a heads-up display, with white text on top of the view through your camera’s lens.

This way you can keep walking, type your e-mail or text message, and still see the car that’s headed towards you before you step out onto the street.

he real world is full of some of the most vibrant, beautiful colors imaginable. Artists can recreate just about all of those colors with the right tools, but what if you’re not an artist, want to sketch something quickly, or you don’t have a full set of colors with you? The Color Picker, a fabulously fanciful concept from designer Jinsun Park, could be the answer.


The electricity consumption rate on our planet has been a big concern in recent years. In many countries there has been an increasing demand while the supply falls short. Due to some recent innovations, many have speculated a slight fall in the electricity consumption rates in coming years, thanks to some greener technology. Many are aware of these problems and are now researching and developing ways to reduce the electricity consumption, while others are working on much eco-friendly methods to generate electricity.
Recent developments have proven that water can be used to power many devices and to generate a decent amount of charge that will help you power your home appliances. So, here is a list of 16 various water powered devices that can help you go green and stay clean.

Water Powered Calculator

Although, calculators are nearing extinction some people still seem to like them. So here comes a calculator which runs on water (or any electrolytic liquid). Unlike most of the other calculators this has a really great design. By filling water in, the fuel cells will run for about a month and once it is out you can just refill with water and it is up and running again. This water powered calculator is priced at $20 and a great option if you want to stop using batteries.