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It is never been easy to type while walking but technology is allowing us to do more then a lot.
AppScout reports that Type While Walking allows you to compose SMS messages, e-mails, and other documents while on the move, and the app uses your iPhone’s camera to create a live background on your iPhone’s screen so you see what’s in front of you while you type.

The app makes your iPhone work like a heads-up display, with white text on top of the view through your camera’s lens.

This way you can keep walking, type your e-mail or text message, and still see the car that’s headed towards you before you step out onto the street.

If your the kind of guy that likes to “figger things out” and never have to be anywhere on time, perhaps one of these ultra-geek (yet cool) watches should be on your shopping list.
The One Lightmare Men’s LED Watch
The outer circle of lights represents the hours. The inner circle represents every 5 minutes. The row of 4 singles LEDs in the center of the dial is the single minutes. Add them all up, and there you have it.

$169 @

Plug-Anywhere Interior Wall Power Strip
Traditional wall outlets are ugly and can’t accommodate many AC adapters, leaving you hunting for new places to stash your gadgets while they’re charging. One Japanese company has a fresh idea for how to make the lowly wall outlet look like a positively stylish part of your living space.Node 12050, an innovative wall outlet design from design firm Metaphys, lets you plug in several AC adapters with none of the awkward jockeying for outlet space that you have come to expect from standard wall outlets. It’s like a power strip, but prettier.

he real world is full of some of the most vibrant, beautiful colors imaginable. Artists can recreate just about all of those colors with the right tools, but what if you’re not an artist, want to sketch something quickly, or you don’t have a full set of colors with you? The Color Picker, a fabulously fanciful concept from designer Jinsun Park, could be the answer.